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  As Big Bear's only music store, Village Music was an important part of the Big Bear community for over 30 years. In 2001 the building was sold, forcing longtime owner Mike The Greek Aspiotes to move the store out of the Village; it looked as though "the writing was on the wall". One year later Mike had to close the valley's beloved Village Music.

For ten years Big Bear went without and the void was felt by many of the residents even as different attempts were made to supply the residents with music, instruments, and accessories. Ultimately, none of them survived as they were unable to garner the residents' business along with a steady stream of walk-in customers visiting Big Bear Valley like the Village location had provided.

On Thanksgiving Day 2012, with The Greek's blessing, the Jones' opened the doors to a new Village Music and with God's blessing Village Music returned to its central location in the heart of the village, along with its original phone number (909) 866-4449. Now Jonesy and Connie carry on the the Village Music tradition of bringing a "joyful noise" to Big Bear Valley.

We welcome you to stop in and browse our collection of records, CDs, collectibles, instruments, accessories, sheet music, and more!

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